The Things Network New York's Mission

Our goal is to build a community of technical experts to support wider use of long-range public-access radio networking for remote sensing.

We're doing this based on The Things Network, an international collaboration of community networks. The network is free to access, is based on open source software, and is owned and operated by its users.

Learn about The Things Network New York

What we are doing

Read about our active projects to see if there is one that interests you. Also check out our repos. We also invite you to read our Wiki for more details.

Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved, please: Join our Mailing List , learn about our meetings via Meetup Group to be notified about meetings, and/or participate in discussions via Slack

You can contact the The Things Network New York Initiator, Terry Moore <[email protected]>

Municipal Support for The Things Network New York

"The Things Network lets independent municipal leaders like myself walk down a path that was previously unavailable to government, a third way between a municipal build out of a Wide Area Network and a massive franchise agreement with a private corporation. Together with The Things Network, government may now organize in concert with a diverse coalition of partners to create and enhance services at the local community level.

New York can lead by example, showing American technologists that there is more than one way to do an IoT rollout. They don’t need to be done from the top down, with a government franchise and loads of commoditized data."

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