The Things Network

New York City

Facilitating a Free and Open Source Internet of Things Data Network

Owned and Operated by its Users in the Five Boroughs of New York City


Our goal is to build a data network with complete, redundant coverage of the Five Boroughs.

The network is free to access, is based on open source software, and is owned and operated by its users.

There is already tremendous progress being made here in NYC. Read about all our active projects here and check out our repos of interest.

We invite you to read our Wiki for more details.

If you are interested in getting involved, please join our Meetup Group.

Want to contribute? Select The Things Network New York as your AmazonSmile charity.

Municipal Support for The Things Network

"The Things Network lets independent municipal leaders like myself walk down a path that was previously unavailable to government, a third way between a municipal build out of a Wide Area Network and a massive franchise agreement with a private corporation. Together with The Things Network, government may now organize in concert with a diverse coalition of partners to create and enhance services at the local community level.

"New York can lead by example, showing American technologists that there is more than one way to do an IoT rollout. They don’t need to be done from the top down, with a government franchise and loads of commoditized data.

- Manhattan Borough President Gale A Brewer

February 1, 2018


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