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Python script for bridging Class C Microchip to serial

A complete IoT server for LoRaWAN IoT projects: node-red + influxdb + grafana + ssl + let's encrypt using docker-compose.

Heat Seek temperature sensor connected to a Adafruit Feather M0 LoRa RF95

: Node

Raspberry Pi HAT for mPCIe LoRa gateway cards

Microchip LoRaMOTE Firmware for Signal Mapping

: Mapping, Node

Reference code for using low power states of LoRa boards.

The Arduino portion of The Things Network New York's Map The Things app.

: Mapping, Node, PlatformIO

iOS client for collecting MapTheThings data

: Mapping, App

Global coverage map for The Things Network

: Mapping, Server

Installer for TheThingsNetwork on MultiTech Conduit

: Gateway

Serverless adapter to connect TTN to cloud databases

: Server, Data

Arduino library implementing LoRaWAN network stack. Directly operates Semtech SX127x radio chips.

Arduino, Library

C++ wrapper with nicer APIs for arduino-lmic. Really just a fancy shim, but it centralizes a number of ugly details.

Arduino, Library

Arduino Library for TTN Devices using the RN2483 radio.

Arduino, Data, Library

A library that implements the 'arduino-device-lib' high level API, but down below uses LMiC for direct control of SX127x radios. Uses PlatformIO to standardize and simplify dependency management.

Arduino, PlatformIO, Library

Arduino code for a basic temperature monitoring node. Runs on an Adafruit Feather LoRa and expects to communicate via SPI with FRAM chip to store LoRaWAN operational parameters.

Node, PlatformIO

Car-based coverage mapping node for New York City

Node, Mapping, PlatformIO

A system supporting the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of a fleet of Multi-Tech Conduit and Conduit AP gateways. As part of deploying hundreds of gateways to cover NYC and Ithaca regions of New York State, the group manages these gateways as a service to gateway owners. The system uses the Ansible Configuration Management tool to drive gateway configuration, an SSH jumphost to enable secure remote access.


A Yocto layer to build mLinux images for Multi-Tech Conduit and Conduit AP gateways pre-configured for management with ttn-multitech-cm.


A python script that posts reminders about Meetup meetings to Slack channels. Used by thingsnyc and ttni (TTN Ithaca).

Slack, Meetup

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